Site specific farming allows you to control and budget costs more accurately, reducing fertiliser, seed and chemical costs.

With real-time sensor data and site specific documentation you gain valuable insights for making fact-based decisions and creating accurate prescriptions for your next field tasks. What's more, you save on that most precious resource of all: your time.

  • Accurately control your costs - with variable rate applications you can precisely budget fertiliser, seeding and chemicals. 
  • Cut down on paperwork - all the information you need is at your fingertips, including agricultural subsidies, reliable crop traceability, and legal compliance. 
  • Farm more sustainably - precisely control your inputs to minimise waste and avoid over-fertilising or over-seeding. 
  • Enjoy faster set up - optimise your equipment once, use the same settings time after time. All our systems are fully integrated too, so you can adapt as your needs grow.

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