John Deere Section Control

  • Reduced input costs
  • Reduced crop damage and environmental impact
  • Automatically switch sections on/off to avoid overlap on passes in field and at headland turns
  • Ensures equally spaced crops and consistent growth conditions especially at headland

No more overlaps, no more waste

John Deere Section Control automatically turns individual implement sections on and off at predefined locations in the field. The system is compatible with all John Deere implements supporting section control functionality as well as with AEF ISOBUS Task Controller Section Control (TC-SC) compliant implements from other brands.

By reducing product overlap and gaps in the field, John Deere Section Control enables you to apply exact amounts of fertiliser, seed and crop protection – where they are needed. As a result, you cut input costs and increase efficiency while minimising crop damage and environmental impact. And by avoiding overspray and overplant, John Deere Section Control also helps to create the best possible growing conditions for your crops.


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