HarvestLab 3000 from John Deere

  • Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to analyze various constituents within harvested crops, silage or slurry (one sensor, three applications)
  • Enables automated length of cut adjustment based on dry matter content (crop harvesting)
  • Analysis of constituents not only during filling but also during application (slurry)
  • Use as laboratory unit at a storage facility or office allowing accurate feed rationing and livestock health.

One Sensor Three Applications

Developed and patented with Carl Zeiss, the Harvestlab 3000 sensor uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to analyse various constituents within harvested crops, silage or slurry. Already in 2009 the technology had been certified by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) for dry matter analysis of corn silage with only negligible deviations between 0.67 and 1.85%. Our various calibrations have been further refined, adding more samples from more crop/slurry types, varieties/feeds and regions year after year.

The new HarvestLab 3000 hardware reflects state-of-the-art technology and builds on millions of hours of in-field experience. The sensor can consider a 12% wider wavelength spectrum for additional accuracy and provides more than 4,000 measurement points per second. Typically this equals around 1 million measurements per load. It provides you not simply one random sample value, but statistically solid data on the go. Errors that usually occur during manual sample collection, like oxygen or heat exposure until the sample arrives at the next laboratory, are completely eliminated. Last but not least, all data is displayed and site-specifically documented in real time. This allows operators to adjust settings and enables automated machine optimisation while still in the field instead of waiting several days for laboratory results.

Forage Harvester

Crop moisture can vary by up to 20% in a single field requiring different length of cut to ensure ideal silage compaction without oxygen enclosures. Fitted to a John Deere forage harvester, the HarvestLab 3000 enables automated length of cut adjustment based on dry matter content. Automatic silage inoculant rate adjustments help to optimise fermentation and can save you up to 10% of silage additives.

Besides dry matter, you can also get highly accurate, real-time readings on crude protein, starch, crude fibre, NDF, ADF, sugar and crude ash. This enables you to invoice or purchase harvested crop based on quality, not quantity. By viewing and comparing all site-specific documentation data in the John Deere Operations Center, you can make fact-based decisions on e.g. variety selection and crop nurturing. During the off-season you can professionally prepare for an even more successful next season.

  • Automatic length of cut adjustment based on dry matter for better bulk density and silage quality
  • Accurately adjust silage inoculant dosing to optimise fermentation
  • Make informed decisions regarding crop variety selection for the next crop season
  • Constituent information can be printed directly in the cab

Manure Sensing

Manure is a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser. But until now, natural variance and rapid settling left the success of manure fertilisation to chance. With John Deere Manure Sensing, you have the unique advantage of being able to apply nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) precisely based on a nutrient target and limit rate in kg/ha and even utilize site-specific prescription maps.

John Deere Manure Sensing can analyse constituents not only during filling but also during application the second before the nutrients hit the soil. An invaluable advantage over other systems, as natural nutrient variances and settling during transport are taken into account and compensated with automatic real-time speed and/or flow rate adjustments. Moreover John Deere Manure Sensing data can be wirelessly sent to the John Deere Operations Center for further processing.

  • Quantify a nutrient value of € 0.75 to € 1.50/m³, reducing mineral fertiliser input cost
  • Avoid down crop and gain more consistent crop growth
  • Maximise yield and quality while keeping legal limits
  • Compatible with most slurry tankers and reel hose systems

Mobile Laboratory 

The HarvestLab 3000 can also be used as a laboratory unit at a storage facility or office, providing value all year round. Connecting to a vehicle power outlet keeps you completely mobile and provides you with instant information wherever you are. Real-time results help you to ensure proper bunk management, accurate feed rationing and livestock health. As a result you can save on unnecessary supplements while achieving higher yields in beef, dairy or biogas production and ultimately achieve higher business profitability.

Our brand new web interface provides step by step instructions and nicely visualises the data, helping you to make the right choices.

  • Complete constituent evaluation for farmers, biogas plant operators and nutritionists
  • Real-time detection of feed quality
  • Easily plan winter feeding
  • New user friendly web-interface


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