How to Get Your STIHL Garden Power Tools Ready This Spring

How to Get Your STIHL Garden Power Tools Ready This Spring

Check your lawn mower blades 

The gardening season has begun! Whilst you are busy                                    Stihl lawn mower

making plans for what you’ll do in the garden this year, first take a

moment to consider what garden tools you’ll use to maintain it.

Most of your powered gardening tools will have been hibernating

over the winter so before putting them back into work, it’s good practice to see what sort of shape they are in after

resting in the shed.

Check for any broken parts

Take all of your powered equipment out of the shed or garage and visually inspect them to see if there are any broken or damaged parts.

Your prized STIHL equipment may need some TLC. Just bring it into your local Cornthwaite Group depot for a check over - as a STIHL Approved Dealer our Service Department will repair and replace any parts if needed to make sure you’re up and running.

Sharpen blades and saw chains

It’s a good idea to check the blades and teeth on your tools as they may have become blunt and cutting edges will need to be sharpened so that they don’t cause damage. Mowing with a blunt lawn mower blade, for example, can leave your grass susceptible to disease. Chainsaw chains and hedge trimmer teeth will also need to be examined to make sure they are sharp enough to work through those tough jobs. 

Check air, fuel filters and spark plugs

Inspect all of your air filters for any dirt and damage. Power tools may have different filter types so please check the Instruction Manual. Another important task is to ensure your spark plugs are in good condition and ready for the gardening season, so give them a thorough clean and reset the required plug gap or replace them if necessary.

If you’re not confident about doing this yourself, book in with your local Cornthwaite Group Service team by calling our Group Phone No. 01704 790008. We’ll be more than happy to service your machine so that it has a clean bill of health. 

Recharge the batteries

Ahead of the season test and charge all of the batteries for your garden tools. You should leave batteries at a charge level of 40–60% when in storage.

To purchase STIHL batteries, please visit our online store here  – STIHL Products

Change the oil

Replace the oil in your 4-stroke powered tools, such as lawnmowers, so that they run smoothly and efficiently. Another great idea is to stock up on the correct grade of STIHL oil before the season starts so that you can get on with the garden straight away and top up little and often, just as you would with a car. 

Fresh fuel and two-stroke mix

Make sure you flush out any old fuel before you get started this season then fill it back up with fresh fuel. For 2-stroke machines, mix a fresh batch of fuel to oil in a ratio of 50:1. Remember – fresh fuel only stays fresh for approximately a month and then starts to degrade without any fuel stabiliser.

To purchase fresh fuel and two-stroke mix, visit our online shop here - STIHL Accessories

Make sure they start and run

Give your garden power tools a little warm-up for a minute or so before starting your garden projects – this will give the oil and fuel time to circulate through the machine.

Lubricate and tighten any loose parts

It is important to ensure your STIHL tools are in good condition and well lubricated – be sure to check all of the moving parts including bearings, wheels, hinges and any grease points, particularly in hedge trimmers. More information on this can be found in the Instruction Manual. In addition to lubricating your power tool, make sure there are no loose parts on the machine either.

If you are in any doubt with any of these tasks, take your machine to your local Cornthwaite Group depot. As a STIHL Approved Dealer, we are a safe pair of hands who can check your tool properly and make sure it is completely ready to spring into action this spring!

Find your nearest Cornthwaite Group Depot and contact number here -

Visit our online shop for STIHL accessories –

Stihl approved dealer

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