Twiga Compact

Spearhead’s Twiga Compact Series Reach Arm mower incorporates the same robust technology as larger models in the Spearhead range to bring enhanced levels of durability and reliability in a compact package.

Available with sideways reach options of 3.2, 3.6, 4.2 and 4.6 metres and a choice of front or rear mounting, the Twiga Compact Series is specified with a potent 35hp hydraulic system that provides exceptional output.

The Twiga Compact Series is offered with either Progressive Cable or Minipilot Electric Proportional controls to give you responsive fingertip action of the arm and head movements.  Both options are easily fitted within the close confines of compact tractor cabs.

Twiga Compact

TWIGA S3225hp3.2m0.9m
TWIGA S3625hp3.6m0.9m
TWIGA S4240hp4.2m0.9m
TWIGA S4640hp4.6m0.9m
Twiga Classic

Twiga Classic

Our Twiga Classic series offers long term output, robustness and durability – perfect for farmers, contractors and local authorities.

With sideways reach options of 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 metres and standard rear mounting, the Twiga Classic is our best value-for-money machine on the market today. The machine is powered by a 66hp hydraulic system and comes with parallel arm as standard to maintain the same cutting head angle as it moves in and out.

The Pilot Hydraulic Proportional Control System gives fingertip action of the arm and head movements to deliver precise control and exemplary operator comfort throughout the working day. Together with the possibility to be fitted with a multitude of attachments and available with a quick attach coupling system for ease of exchange, the Twiga Classic will keep on delivering value in abundance.

TWIGA S5065hp5.0m
TWIGA S5180hp5.1m
TWIGA S5590hp5.4m
TWIGA S6095hp5.9m
TWIGA T65100hp6.4m

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