StarFire 7000 Eases RTK Entry

StarFire 7000 Eases RTK Entry

John Deere’s new StarFire 7000 receiver facilitates an easy entry into precision farming. Without extra hardware, the receiver offers RTK accuracy of +/- 2.5cm and customers will benefit from better satellite network coverage.

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More farmers want to use the precision of RTK, but shy away from the greater initial investment. Now, John Deere offers the new StarFire 7000 with a completely new correction signal – StarFire RTK. The new signal can be easily activated by purchasing a renewable licence, with no investments in additional hardware or activations necessary.

With a pull-in time of less than 10 minutes, field work can start up to 3 times faster than before. Recorded field boundaries have a repeatability of at least five years, offering the possibility to create guidance lines and tramlines in the same place for subsequent crops.

Field boundaries can be used beyond the season for highly precise and automatic switching on and off sprayer boom sections. This means John Deere is providing a better solution for the increasing use of precision farming.

Just like the previous models, the new receiver offers the free SF1 correction signal as standard and can be upgraded to Radio and Mobile RTK. The StarFire 7000 receiver receives Galileo and BeiDou-Satellite signals in addition to GPS and GLONASS. This ensures a stronger signal strength which is more independent from interference at no additional cost.

The receiver is available in both universal/transportable and integrated versions. The integrated version is built directly into the roof of the machine from the factory, while the universal receiver is suitable for flexible use. With the new practical handles on the sides, it can be moved from machine to machine or to an implement more easily.      


The receiver is compatible with new and existing machines and can therefore be used for the entire fleet, read our blog about how AutoTrac on mixed fleets is now easier to use.

How to protect your SF7000 receiver from theft

To ensure that the universal receiver is less attractive for thieves, John Deere also allows users to set up a PIN code. The PIN code can be defined for two access levels, for example an administrator and an operator. Additional protection with a mechanical lockable kit is available, and the receiver can be removed after the job is done and stored safely until the next use

For more information on SF7000 and RTK, please call your local Sales Rep or call Andy Lomas on 07912 085991.


Blog taken from Green Power 2023 | Edition 12

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