Choosing the Right Telehandler: A Buyer's Guide

Telehandlers can be one of the most useful and versatile additions to your business. Designed to lift and manoeuvre goods, they can be used in a variety of conditions, including rough terrain. And can be deployed for a range of purposes, from lifting pallets and suspending chains to ploughing snow. But with different types of handler available, how do you know which is the right one for you?


What to Consider When Choosing a Telehandler?

There are six main factors to take into account when choosing a telehandler for your business.

1. Weight capacity

Telehandlers have differing weightlifting capacities. These range from 2,500kg, like the Kramer KT276, up to 22.5 tonnes. While most farms will be fine with the 2-6 tonne capacity models, it’s always a good idea to select a telehandler that can carry slightly more than you need. Just to avoid  overloading and ensure that you are covered for all eventualities.  

2. Height capability

Lift heights vary in telehandlers. Some will reach up to 70 feet, while others will barely scrape 20 feet. So, it’s important to take into account the height needs of your business before you make a purchase.

3. Reach capability

When you’re using machinery to move something, you have to know the reach capabilities of the machine. All telehandler booms can extend horizontally, but they all have different reach capabilities. And this can impact their functionality. If you’re merely moving loads around a property, reach isn’t a major consideration. But if you’re using the telehandler to place goods within a specific storage space, such as high shelving, a great reach will simplify the process.

4. Your space

If you have limited site space, a large telehandler may be more difficult to manoeuvre. Compact telehandlers have a smaller turning radius. But larger machines typically have a higher weight capacity. So, you’ll need to weigh up the relative benefits.

5. What will you be using your telehandler for?

The versatility of telehandlers comes from the different attachments you can use with them. So, your intended use and the attachments available for the telehandler in question should help to dictate the type of model best suited to your needs.

6. What do you need from your telehandler’s engine?

Your telehandler’s engine will dictate its performance. Machines with engines of 74hp or above will be better positioned to handle difficult terrain and carry larger loads. While engines with a lower horsepower will typically be in vehicles that are smaller and lighter. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you are working on easier terrain and don’t have need of extreme lifting.

Telehandlers can be used for a wide range of purposes – construction, agriculture, landscaping, and probably much more besides. Used for lifting, loading, and moving, they are versatile and convenient. But if you choose the wrong model for your needs, it may not be as useful as it could be. So, do your research and take you time when making decisions. And if in doubt, speak to an expert before making your purchase.

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