Strautmann offer a comprehensive range of mixer wagons, including single, twin and triple augers, with capacities of 7.5m to 45m³.  Strautmann  pride themselves on their rapidly efficient diet feeders - each feeder is fitted with a unique IMS auger which has a “stepped” design causing the ration to be tumbled. This improves the mixing and nutritional intake and also speeds up the process, therefore reducing fuel usage and increasing efficiency.

Last year, Strautmann introduced the self propelled range of single and double auger mixer wagons to the UK market.

Why choose a Verti-Mix mixer wagon? Dsc9147 copy 0 0

1. Verti Mix mixer wagons are reliable, meaning you can maximise your uptime!

2. Unique IMS (Intensive Mixing System) auger increases efficiency by speeding up mixing time.

3. Quality of Mixing - enabling cows to receive high quality nutrition and therefore produce higher milk yields.

4. Low power - this reduces your fuel consumption and associated costs. 

Strautmann Verti-Mix mixer wagons can be customised to meet individual requirements - capacity, discharge, controls and weighing device can all be chosen. Attachments can also be added to the mixing tub to increasing the capacity.

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